Hello friends and family!

As you know, we've lived together for quite some time and have already accumulated years worth of household stuff. Though gifts are appreciated, we don't really need more stuff. 

All we really want is to spend more time with each other and to temporarily escape our busy lives. Therefore, we've decided to take a long honeymoon next year traveling, relaxing, and simply being together. We're not entirely sure if it'll be traveling Europe or visting the Caribbean, but we do know that we'll need to start saving some moeny so we can have a relaxing time.

For our wedding, we have set up this fundraiser in place of a gift registry. Gifts are absolutely not required or expected, but we know from our own gift-giving experience that there will be some of you who will anyway. So, we'd love for you to use however much you would have spent on a gift and instead contribute to our Honeymoon fund. 

Please make sure to leave your name so we can send you pictures from our adventure, so you'll know that your generous gift went to a great time!

Thank you so much for anything you'd like to contribute!


Lizz and Ben

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